Dear parents ,

So, finally vacations and the much needed break is here !!
Vacations are for rejuvenation, relaxation and for fun. The year has been packed with academics, activities and achievements making it very fulfilling. The focus this year had been – Making a Difference. This must begin from home. From supporting  and guiding our children to attain their best, we designed special sessions for children who needed it.   We also redesigned the curriculum in some of the subjects. We will continue to making learning experience more meaningful and relevant to life.
To all our students of Grades X and XII who will be expecting their results next month, our best wishes to them.  As news trickles in, 21 of our ISC students have cleared the JEE Main exams. My best wishes to all of them for the Advanced level. It is only a class of 40 that is keen on even preparation for JEE entrance. So, its heartening to know that 1/4th of them have done for themselves.
So, do we start preparing our wards during the vacations to “prepare for future exams?” Certainly not. Vacations are times to unwind and relax. It is the time for reflection – things we did, why and how ? Could we think of doing it better this year ? Can we add a new dimension to our process of learning ? So, how do parents help their children with vacation time. Here are a few tips :
  • Do get the children to set a schedule for themselves – waking up early, outdoor jogging and play followed by a set schedule for meals, be it breakfast, lunch or an evening snack .
  • Dinner time has to be family time.
  • Learning new skills should keep them busy in the morning. Reading (books of interest) and writing adds to their linguistic skills. Culinary skills, stitching  are life skills that will keep them in good stead all through.
  • Afternoon time is the time to rest.  I would suggest  a quick nap for half an hour.   Rest of the time , kids must get involved in some creative pursuit – art, craft, Lego, constructive games.
  • Evening is for outdoor games –  2-3  hours with friends and any sport is fine.
  • Relaxing with family, sharing the day’s experiences without the intrusion of mobile phones is important.
  • While sharing experiences, drop your guards. Be free to converse, be free to listen without being judgemental. Children will learn to express freely especially about places, pilgrimage centres , cultural performances , movies , theatres , matches.
  • If you are working and cannot take leave, do make short trips out of home – beaches, museums, fields, visits to relative’s places, pilgrimage centres, cultural programs, Sporting events, clubs, cycling expeditions, theaters  and movies  but certainly not to the Malls (because they are common  experiences)
  • To wean children out of  wasteful time on social media sites, we have to give them experiences that will engage them as learners. Not too difficult a task  that seems beyond one’s ability nor too easy a task that is not challenging enough.

Dear parents and children, enjoy the vacation.  Its perfectly alright to be doing nothing, enjoying one’s spare time or doing something because you like to do it.  It is alright to be at home and not on a holiday tour.  Be active and positive in your thoughts.  Don’t laze all the time and spend time wastefully.  At the end of the day, you should feel good about a vacation meaningfully spent.

This year will be a very special year for Sulonians. We turn 50.  We will be having a Marathon on the 10th of June 2018.  I invite all Sulonians and their parents to join us in our Run for a Cause. The cause being education for the under-privileged children.  Details will be put up on the website, ION and school FB in the last week of May. And we look forward to receiving our children at school on the 11th of June, 2018. The school is nothing without the hustle-bustle and noise of the students.
Happy vacations!!

The Result Day

The Annual exams for children  in the good old days and to many ,even today  are not worrisome . It has always been a serious matter only for parents. If there is “stress” today , as many claim it be , we have created them.I recall in the good ol’ days ,when I came home  after writing a paper , my mother would ask me  casually ,”So, how was your paper today? “Without batting an eyelid ,I would reply joyfully and enthusiastically, “Very nice , Ma.The paper was really easy”. “So , Full marks?” “You know teacher is , she will always cut a mark or two” I would reply readying myself for my evening tiffin. I don’t think that things have changed much today . Children continue to give similar replies to the same kind o questions..

Back then , the 30th of April was the D day .The postman would deliver our results home. He was  treated as a special guest by all who had school going kids. The postcard he carried said it all . Ma would keep ‘bakshish” ( sweets) ready for the good results that the postman was expected to bring. The results always came at 11 am . In the wee hours of 30th , all of us would realize that we had missed a question in Science and a couple in math , The preposition was incorrect . We also remembered the careless mistakes we made . All of these reminders would bring in some anxiety. The kids would all vie to catch up with  Postman Uncle at the gate . He was a smart cookie too . He would raise  his hand right up with our card in his hand saying,” Your principal has instructed that it should be handed over only to your parents”.

Nothing much has changed except for the postman . Today , children come with their parents for the results making it less anxious for the children .When I look back ,that system was fun too .  But ,in general,  there is a striking difference in the way children and parents view the results today and back then. Today most of them  look for the outcomes and recognize and praise certain aspects of the child  .Realizing that children need instant gratification for the outcome and we are quick to shower praises about their intelligence , their memory, their grasp of a particular subject  or their skills. in such cases , children fail to see the reality . They carry with them the praises .Sometimes we have  children who feel that just moving on is a matter of right . Nothing will seem out of place until they grow older .The problem would suddenly seem enormous when when they  start matching up with their peers. The slightest setback in anything will leave them completely shattered and they  will lose the motivation to strive harder. Hence , we must work hard to ensure that the efforts put in by them are recognized , not just the outcomes.

Should every effort be recognized? Yes and no! “I can see that you are beginning to study regularly and  I am sure that you are aware that the concepts have to be applied to the problem on hand”. Sitting with book for 4 to 5 hours at a stretch is an unproductive effort. it may not yield results. The progress should be visible – it may be outcomes such greater interest in learning , better grasp , more concentration , greater reasoning ability and so on.”You are very intelligent or smart but we don’t know how we don’t see the result” kind of statements  actually leaves the child confused because they don’t know what to do For e.g.They understand from you that they are intelligent but do not know how to handle their intelligence (latent) productively.

Changing our mind-sets to perceive growth in real sense  is important . When during this week  the results are given , please refrain from just seeing the last line . As it is rightly said ,”Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance .”

Happy Learning

Being Children’s Day, it is special – to me, every day is a Children’s Day and calls for celebration. On a personal front, individuals become a family and equations change with joy, bliss, responsibility  and commitment. There is a something that each day offers with children around. So also for us, in schools , where each day is a new day with kids springing surprises . So to me Children’s Day is a celebration for all those who have a child within themselves. What does” child within me “mean to me? It is about the qualities that  we observe in our children and enjoy about them. The simple innocence, untutored chit -chats, the joy, honesty,   curiosity, enthusiasm , wonder and excitement. .Age does not matter. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who in KBC often listens to the contestants ‘ stories with a child-like curiosity and wonder is a striking example to endorse my view.

So , dear children, you are special because all these come very naturally to you. You don’t have to cultivate it. This is the greatest gift you can ever  have. This childhood is an open book for you to write your story. Laugh, cry, sing, dance, chat, question,  play, speak, watch, fantasize – do it all of these without a care. You don’t have to be afraid of ” What the world  would think of you” or colloquially “What will people say” or even ” What is in store for me”. There are no pretenses. You don’t have to condition your mind. You are yourself. Being yourself is a priceless gift . Hold it dear to yourself and cherish it.

You must remember that these moments are with you only till you want to keep them with you. No body can take it away from you, no one has the power to snatch it away unless you give it all up. As you grow up, which you must, keep the child-like qualities within you always alive so that you grow up to be a good joyous learner. You are all born with a gift – the power to learn. So, don’t be afraid to question to satiate your curiosity. Feel good about yourselves. The pace of learning for each one of you will be different from the others, your competencies could be different but, you are no way less intelligent than any other. You have lost it only when you give up and say ,”This is not what I will understand ever in my life”

Look within and search for yourself the actual you. And you will dream – and dream big. When kids talk to me they tell me -“I want to be a scientist who will bring the Dinosaurs back .”or another little girl who says confidently ,” I will be the Wonder Chef and be on Television ” or the youngster who stated confidently ,” I will play for my country .” And am sure that you will dream more and realise them too .. A few years back, a bright  Sulonian  with excellent writing skills told me that she would like to be a model and want to participate in beauty pageants., Apeksha Porwal made her dream a reality by being the Runner-Up at the Miss India Contest . I am sure you will see so many good things in you. Hone them, polish them and keep improvising it.

And  remember – Do not allow others to build your road.  Don’t give up if the road is not ready as planned. Continue to build it yourself. This is your road, you have built it so be proud of it.  Others will walk the road with you  but no one can walk it for you.

So, while you make roads, there would be moments that make you happy and also sometimes sad.  There may be times of ecstasy and soon after that would be a spate of disappointments. The setbacks may cause mood -swings, desperation, frustration. Do not despair. This is natural and everyone goes through this . The grass always appears greener on the other side of the fence but everyone has to go through such patches . Life is a great leveller. Some will express it or the strain and setbacks will cause stress which may be visible  but many others may cover it up.  Do no inflict further pain on yourself and others assuming that you are not an achiever.

I  want you children to grow up to be  believers and practitioners of your own values and principles. Standup for a cause that you would like to support, Take pride in all that you do. Ensure that you have done it the best way that you can and you will earn credit for yourself because you trekked up the hills, without a crutch. Work towards achieving positive outcomes . When you believe in something, stand up for it without fear. Be courageous. Fear is our mental block caused by your perception of failure and most often that comes from others’ previous experiences , not necessarily your own. Don’t complain if you don’t have things that others may have. Don’t sulk if you are not praised. You will get your due when you must. Don’t we realise that we cause hurt to people who love us unconditionally? Are we taking things for granted? So, do value things that are given to you by your family , school or friends. Many of these are intangible and non- materialistic. They are experiential and not visible. It is  your responsibility and commitment to  your well-being to be able to open your minds to feel, experience, see, smell these priceless intangibles.

This day is special because it celebrates the  child in you. When you look many years later, you will realize that childhood was the most joyful period of your lives.  Do not give up your childhood earlier that it is slated to be.  Just be yourself, an 8 or a 14 year old or even a 16 year old that you are.  You will never ever regret it. And we just love you the way you are.

Warm Regards,

Revathi Srinivasan



(This is an excerpt from the speech by Prin.Revathi Srinivasan ,at the Awards Function in school to appreciate the efforts of Std X students.)

Dear parents and students,

We are here  to celebrate the success of all our students at the Boards. With the stupendous results that all our 485 students have romped home, we may need a football ground soon to have a celebration get together. They have all given us moments of pride, satisfaction, contentment and joy. We hav , at Singhania School, prepared them for life.

But now, as you walk out of the portals of the school, you are stepping into a new world, a world that you have ‘ not experienced ‘ before. Having been sheltered by your family and school all the time. They steered you on to the right path, guided you, at every step. Not any more. You have to carve a niche for yourself.

The world will appear to be hypocritical, crude, ruthless at times, you may feel alone standing at the cross-roads. All that we have over years built in you is Confidence arising out of Courage. You may struggle to find the real path and also stumble at times.  Move on … don’t turn back. The ‘Law of Averages’ tells us that at some point, the fall is expected, but remember you have the greatest tool with you – that is your courage.

 The best tool that comes in handy at all times is your Courage. Courage is not something that you feel when you climb the Mount Everest or when you bully those who are weaker than you. It is about  knowing yourself, accepting yourself and doing what you believe in. It is about holding on to what you think is right and keeping off all that is wrong. It is about daring to face personal challenges and not blaming circumstance or someone else for what is not achieved.

 Be a trend setter and have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Do not seek the approval of your peers all the time and follow the trends left behind by your seniors or someone you idolise. You don’t have to be like someone. You have to be yourself and a better person each moment. For this, you have to listen and  learn from everyone, big or small. Humility will help you learn.

Many sitting in this auditorium have studied in the vernacular medium, in small schools and unknown colleges and small villages, but are they not successful today ? Does studying in a city or in an institution abroad make you any more successful?  Don’t ever feel more elitist because you have a better start.  It is your attitude, your entrepreneurial spirit, the willingness to take hurdles in your stride and the willingness to learn from your own mistakes that will make you great. Do not shy away from disruptions. It helps you to be more courageous.

In 1941, Orange, a small village in New South Wales with a small population got its first refrigerator factory. What was a small sleepy village, then became a small industrial town, where culture, education and economy flourished. In October 2013, the factory was shut down because it was taken over by a Swedish company.  300 odd workers had to find new jobs and the economy came to a standstill.  However, people did not stop living. They had worked hard to make this village a town . They  continue to build a newer world for themselves in the small town. Man made disruptions of such kind can happen any time in our lives. We must have the courage to find a new beginning.

Keep yourselves away from undue desires, expectations and greed for money, and never take things for granted. You will carve a niche for yourself, blaze new trails and bring out the best in you, only if you decide to do it.

I wish you make a mark for yourself in the field that is closest to your heart and let your passion drive you. Make the beginning today.

Good luck and blessings always!!

We just clicked as great friends – Vandana  and I . Vandana Kaval was my colleague . While I was teaching and managing he Senior School , she was in the Elementary School . What was it that we had  in common – passion for teaching , creating and innovating. Before long , we were always connected in school and off it too . Both our boys , both Sid too , were classmates too .So , we just had a lot in common.

As a trained Pre-primary teacher , I got involved into innovative practices of teaching through hands- on activities  Kaval  and I sat for long hours after school sharing ideas  for the development of curriculum. And we shared one more passion – Cookery . While she was very good in all the Chaats and fast- foods and of course  the traditional food , I was at my best for creating newer dishes . So , we shared recipes .

I was the Editor of the school magazine 13 years back and I hand-picked my team to help me in my creative endeavour . It was just fun sitting late evenings discussing , sharing weird ideas because we   wanted our magazine to be very different from the previous ones .The theme chosen was Bliss . I recall an incident vividly. While giving the final touches to our magazines at the basement office of the printer , we got a bolt .The publisher’s system had  crashed . We were readying it for  release two days later.. We could not retrieve  many of the creatives that were done .The staff with the printer/ publisher were disheartened . I looked at the watch . It was 7 pm . I told Kaval to take my car and go home . I would complete the work and return . Without  waiting for me to complete my sentence , she retorted , ” I am not going home without you . You are the Editor and I am with you .” We hugged each other and resumed work all over again.Both of us being the positive , forward -looking educators that we were ,worked in the printer’s tiny  office in an old building in Parel. Having had a task to complete , we did not realise that it was past midnight . Those were the days that we did not have mobiles . Our families  got worried when we did not even show up at 1 am . He called up the Principal to know if I was with her . She then swung into action called up the printer . And we returned at 2 am only to get back the next morning to complete our work . Such was the dedication ,grit , determination,focus,  love , understanding  that brought us together in a  bond of friendship.When I  had many responsibilities she would tell me , “I am always there for you .So , charge ahead and I am there right behind”

After that , we worked on many , many projects together, sharing issues over  lunches and butter-milk during the summer holidays when we worked . She was  sensitive but firm , fun-loving yet serious , calm yet determined ,a hard task master with a gentleness to understand people. Whenever I called her when she was sick , she would say ” Whenever I hear your voice , I get emotional and I cry . Don’t meet me till I get well because I know you will always want me to be fine You and I share a very different bond .So , just  text”.

Kaval , I will miss you a lot . Today , as I sat by your side looking at your face , I almost felt that you were looking at me and you were  saying something to me . You will be with us always and drive us through all our endeavours with your cheerful voice – Come on Sulonians! Race ahead .

No words can pay a rich tribute to a wonderful creative teacher  and a beautiful person- Vandana Kaval. May Her Soul Rest in Peace !

{Mrs Vandana Kaval , was a teacher in our school and passed away late last night  after a prolonged illness  . Singhania School and all Sulonians will always remember her with love and warmth May God  give the family the strength to bear with the immense loss}


We are all looking forward to all our children coming back to school after a nice ,long vacation . I am  sure that the children are wanting to get back to more so to meet up with all their friends , the fun , the play time and of course to learn too .

There  is newness in the air . you will spend a lot of time this week just exploring what’s new in the school . From the gym to the KG park to indoor play areas , ,additional computer labs and more smart boards to aid learning , to online career counselling , there’s a lot of exciting proposals for our students . Not to mention , a new exciting   menu in the canteen.

The curriculum is revamped so there are new books and the chair bags  await your arrival where you can keep  the books in school . The new student senate will take charge and the school will be buzzing with activities too .

So , we are sure that it is going to a stupendous year for you . Wishing you the very best of fun , cheer and bliss…. and lots of  deeper learning

Decades back when I completed Grade X, I walked up to my Principal’s office to submit my form for admission to Grade XI. An elderly scholar he looked up at me and asked ,” Is your father aware of your choice of electives?”  With thoughts of independence influenced by the decade of ‘Women’s Lib” movement, made me react strongly and I shot back with pride and a streak of arrogance, “I will study what I wish to. I have the marks, Sir. Where does my father come in?” And almost like an after thought added , “And he has brought up his daughter to have a mind of her own. He will be proud of me.” Principal picked up the phone and dialed an internal number and I knew he was calling my father. He then signaled that I wait outside his office. My father was on the Board of the KV Sanghatan and of the school. Perhaps, that’s why he wanted my father’s consent. At least, so I thought.

A few minutes later, I was summoned ,” You need to give it a thought. Your father is okay with what you do but I can’t accept this. A National science talent scholar, a good student, daughter of a scientist, sister of the topper of I.I.T, what’s happening? Why Humanities over all others? Good students take only Science”, he concluded. It was then that I realized where the problem was. I had caused a disruption in the staff room. My class teacher and all others tried to convince me otherwise. But, I stood my ground. There was only one influential factor – my teachers who taught me Economics, English literature. And I have never ever regretted my decision.

But, those were the days. Today, parents and students have to make very informed decisions. A wide choice of courses are available and students to a large extent can afford to experiment. The programs available are many – ISC, IB, CBSE, HSC, Integrated programs, home tutoring….There are many schools and colleges under each of these categories. It can be very confusing not just for the student but for the parent. We cannot today afford to think the way I took my decision decades back, nor can I look at my neighbor’s child and say – if he did, mine will make it too. The choice of the Course gives a direction to the goal. The choice of the institution places students on a platform and scale with like-minded students and opens new vistas. That in simple words means – What to do and Where do I study ?

Every student must think for oneself – What are you passionate about? What do you like and dislike? Which subjects interests you? Why do they appeal to you better than some others? What are the influencing factors? There could be many like being influenced by a good teacher, because your friends are choosing them, someone known to you made it big with this choice, your idol?  Where will these interest pointers lead you in the current day and what will be the relevance of this subject,may be,10 years later?

To answer the last two questions, you should first answer the first few questions. Then, look up the Net and get more information. Find out about courses and institutions that will support your interests after you finish your grade XII.

The next step would be to discuss with your parents, with experts in the field, with seniors you may or may not know personally but have done courses in your subject choice. You will understand the intricacies of your choice. Do not fall for the glamour, power, money or power. They have got it all after years of hard work. Today, it may appear as a rosy path. Remember, you will earn it all very easily if you have depth of knowledge. The depth will lead you to acquiring the right skills to support you in your passion. Parents must be open to the discussions with open ended questions. Do not quote people who did not do well with the same choice of course. There are exceptions everywhere. Support your ward with information and networking.

Equipped with clarity on the course and electives, you will have to make a choice among the institutions where you can pursue them. The core strength of an educational institution lies in its leadership and the faculty. That seals your future. The leadership will throw open opportunities to have diverse vistas and opportunities for thinking and re-thinking about the future. Infrastructure, library, labs, facilities for sports, fine arts, performing arts are equally important in the current educational scenario. While the marks card serves only as an Introduction, the interests and active and consistent participation in all other activities defines your character and personality. Again your clear vision will help you make that choice. Do not be influenced by other influencing factors.

I have at least 8 students who regret having “gone to a college to experience freedom of more time, wide circle of friends, exposure to the outside world”. But unfortunately they realize their mistake a month later and it becomes difficult to re -admit despite higher percentages. One must remember, there never ever been a free lunch and will never be. We have to earn our freedom by showing responsibility. It does not come free. If there has to be free air, we have the responsibility of ensuring we do not pollute it. We have to work towards it. Time is precious and we have to create time to pursue our interests. It wont wait for you to settle in life so that you can pursue. Academics and all other interests needs to be pursued with the same zest and enthusiasm. One takes a backseat at certain time periods. That’s how we learn to balance ourselves on the tight rope called life.

Listen to your inner voice, question it, find your answers and explore. This is the most exciting time to be a student. It has never been so full of opportunities. Just lap them up. Your energy, creativity, positive outlook and dynamism could only serve the cause of education better.

Wishing you good luck now and always!

Warm Regards,

Revathi Srinivasan