Every year Guru Purnima ,is a celebrated festival in school . Every student gives a ‘Tambhulam ‘ to every teacher /staff in the school and seeks their blessings . The Tambhulam consists of 2 betel leaves , 2 betel nuts ,an apple  and a coconut . These are placed in  paper bags designed and made by the students of the middle school. It is beautiful to watch every child of std X and XIi seek the blessings of their gurus while the  music students sing soulfully . 

This year was even more special . While I missed being in school , I was on another mission in Tirupati . It felt like a  divine calling when we were invited to manage one of their schools .In 3 days , we brought in technology , newer teaching learning practices , got a team in place for teacher training .I chose the 13th of July , Guru Purnima  for the formal  inauguration . I wondered how I could make my dream of starting school in a week’s time come true . I did not have a team with me since all of them had their roles to play in the current set -up. But , magically everything fell in place . I derived strength and skills from simple people and simple happenings – families . parents , people in the town all volunteered to help and worked with me. In a week’s time we were all set .

This Guru Purnima was very special because I chose this to felicitate 15 of my teachers who had completed 25 years of committed service in Singhania School.They were felicitated by the Chairman of the School Board of Governors with a gold coin and a beautiful certificate .i chose an exotic venue and menu to make their day special . All in all ,they loved  the experience 

Incidentally, I too completed 25 years in school. Starting as a teacher ,to possibly every position in school . This school has given me a sense of purpose , a vision . I learnt that joy and ecstatic moments were not times when I was promoted , awarded and /or given a raise. I felt happy sharing my knowledge , experience which would benefit others. I learnt practically that simple living with high thoughts make you stronger and more confident with a clear sense of vision. Egos come in the way of one’s attainment of actual success.The earlier people in power , position understand this ,it  gets more enjoyable ,despite challenges . When you walk the path ,you are not alone, everyone from teachers , staff , parents , officials all walk with you.That is how you can smile at all times.

Is it not the best Guru Dakshina one can get ?

More than a decade and a half back , we had the legendary cartoonist and the creator of ‘The Common Man’ Late Shri RK Laxman in our school for the inauguration of our Book Fair . he talked to our students on his journey as a cartoonist . 300 students sat keenly listening to him . There was Shreyas who not just listened to the talk but also walked up to him , almost chasing him with his questions . Thereafter , I observed Shreyas was always immersed in trying out cartoons , some being his own creations.years later , he came out with his own book, published by Harper Collins ,which was released by me ,his teacher in our school. A very proud day for me indeed . The seed was sown in a simple school event. The journey of our aspiration too begins like this and is realised with years of hard work., grit and determination.It needs support and understanding from students, teachers and parents

Is aspiration just a whimsical dream ?What does it require to have a dream become an aspiration and then a reality? All children live in their world of dreams . They are naturally aspirational . They wish to live in fantasy , while we adults work on making things happen. No aspiration is big or small. Neither can they be classified as real and imaginary. Aspirations build confidence and give children a purpose . How can we help child build their aspirations?

Let’s give our children opportunities that are diverse and new . Broader the spectrum ,the better it is for children to visualise. With this , children identify their interests . We must encourage children to deep-dive into their own interests by reading more about . Meeting and interacting with people of all ages helps children gather learning from experiences . There’s a lot of work that children may do on their own , even sacrificing play time. Children love to build on experiences of others too as one’s own ,at times. Use these stories real and imaginary, for inspiration. Parents and teachers must have lots of patience to be dealing with these fantasies . Instead of brushing them as some fantasy , we can help them build skill-sets and competencies.

Five years back ,we adopted a small Adivasi school in the hillock of Yeour , a small Adivasi village. We support them in sports , academics and English speaking .The 60 odd kids in the school are so keen to earn , that their enthusiasm drives out to try newer pedagogy day after day . A month after we started to work on the school development plans ,I wanted to understand what aspirations they have.I asked them “What do you want to be when you grow up ?” “I want to the pump room operator ‘”I want to be the havaldar in a chowki (a sub-station)” ‘I want to be a peon in the Collector’s office” . A year later , I asked the same kids ,where do you see yourself with your new skills and knowledge . pat came the replies” I will a civil engineer”,”The Collector of Thane ” “The Police Inspector in the large police station” .

Education broadens horizons , it makes children aspirational .It makes them believe that it is possible to do ‘big things” .I realised that the earlier aspiration was based on the problems they faced everyday like lack of drinking water , security issues etc. Things happen when we drive aspirations to be high enough to reach.If children fail to see success , it is not because they had no or low aspirations but because their knowledge , skills and attitudes did not match their aspirational value .

Education gives every child the power to think , dream ,pursue and drive their aspirations to achieve success.It helps them realise their potential.We must give children them opportunities to realise the potential in them. No dream , no vision ,no aspiration is small or big …..they are that to work on.

I always wonder why we celebrate certain special days ? When you ponder over the’ Why ‘of everything , I realize that it is not about the grandeur , the party ,or the extravaganza , it is all about simple feelings of joy , of fun , of the simplicity itself.

Back in times , Children’s day in school meant celebration with fun-filled activities. It meant getting 2 moti-choor ladoos , one rose and a film to watch with teachers and friends . Our School was in the Naval Base where there was a Cinema Hall . Back then , movies watching was always with family . Going with friends was hardly heard of ,then. So ,we looked forward to the school taking us to the movies that were screened specially for school children . We had to pay Rs10 for this .We got a packet of popcorn as well . So , after the Short break , we lined up , escorted by the class teacher and the monitors of their classes , the whole school walked it up to the theatre a couple of kilometers. So , we watched simple Hrishikesh movies , English classics and Cartoons as well . The movie hardly mattered .The evening at home was about the family sitting in the garden with cookies , cup cakes and chips and all the stories -real and cooked doing its rounds.

The following Sunday , children in our township would present a’ variety entertainment’ after a lot many rehearsals and we received small gifts from our parents .the sight of Ribbons, colorful socks , fancy pencil cases , books gave us immense joy. When I became an educator and a mom ,I asked my parents if they ever had a discussion with other parents about the budgets or the gifts that they planned to give . No ,never ! Did we as children ever ask -“Why only a meter of ribbons for me?” No, never ! Were times different? Are the dreams today different from the ones we/our parents had? Changing times ,changing needs and changing perspectives do bring that change

I vividly recall my first childhood memories of the first tooth falling out ,a trip to the doctor, building sand castles , bringing home a friend for the first time, feeding a street -pup with a glass of milk (that I was supposed to drink) ,the first ever sandwich I made, the first consolation prize in the lemon and spoon race or the colorful water bubbles I blew in the air . If I am able to remember these experiences , it is because that made me truly happy. .Happiness , thus came in from ordinary things .I just found it there, I did not got in search of it.

Are we in a life long pursuit of happiness today ? While there’s no doubt hat we, as parents are doing everything possible to keep our children happy but are we living in a constant state of stress? Are we straining and stretching ourselves to give ‘everything’ possible? Will we be happy then ? Don’t you think allowing kids to find their own moments of happiness and then joining them wholeheartedly will keep the family happy?

Ask yourself- What three things can you gift your child so that they are truly happy? That’s your gift to your child on this Children’s Day .Children – Ask yourself what three gifts would you want to receive so that you will always be happy . My three gifts to you all my children , would be Love , Courage and the Power to Think. The power to think will make to understand and reason , Courage will help you make your dreams a reality and love will build your self worth and reach out

Happy Children’s day ..

Just One Thing

Today is World Mental Health Day!. A day dedicated to the mental fitness and well -being of all .Mental health is receiving more attention than ever before . Our personality to a large extent is like an iceberg .When we meet people , we see the tip of the iceberg . Only that is visible to us . It may be just 5% of the personality. Below the water , is what you really are ,it is your inner self . We often get deceived and don’t come forward to help other because we get carried away by the top 5% that is above the waters that is visible and heard . It is often a media news of something gone wrong that alarms and awakens us. Is it more awareness or more challenges or breakdown of support systems that leads to mental disturbances?

Looking back ,the family structures were different and supported everyone as a whole -the young and the old . The extended joint family members were always there to lend a ear . There were some members in the family who were always in the house. While they went about with the chores during the day ,they were also keen observers. A change ,be it in eating/sleep patterns , behavior ,emotions were recognized and talked over. The member need not have been the parent .

When children went to school , they had a lot time for unstructured play and sessions. They were unmonitored during recess time . Children often fought , yet sorted it out themselves by the end of the day. The concept of” Individual attention'” was unheard of you .Workplaces did not see the cut-throat competition we see today . Lunch time meant colleagues sat together and discussed personal matters too. Outings meant visiting friends and relatives. Vacations meant visiting the hometown.

Times have changed .Families are now nuclear , Family members have got disconnected or distanced from each other due to a number of factors- professional and personal . The size of families have also reduced . But ,the expectations/desires/wants have sky rocketing . Comparisons with other children /adults , irrespective of capabilities , age , environment has led to riot of emotions and thoughts that cannot be controlled. When we are caught up with our ‘to do list” , we fail to understand the changes happening in the very fabric of our families. Expectations from schools from all stakeholders are ever increasing. Most schools look to give priority to school results and rate of admissions to match up with the societal expectations .

Workplaces have been providing facilities in their premises for physical fitness .What about building mental strength which will increase productivity of every individual? Through activities , events organized by the HR department, there are conscious attempts to bridge gaps but that effort is a drop in the ocean. Again ,they are not only structured but also observed for remediation making people” performers”

Let us resolve to be positive and happy at all time . Easier said than done .A few things that helps children and adults to find peace within themselves. Playing games indoors and outdoors helps to keep us physically and mentally fit and agile .Regularly practicing mindfulness creates a better consciousness. This helps us to aim at metacognition, which is the act of thinking about what we are thinking .95% of our thoughts are random or unconscious . Working on being mindful will help us develop more resilience and more positive thoughts and expressions.

Build a Culture of Gratitude , Of Care and concern ,Of empathy and understanding , Of acceptance and Of mindfulness . This should be done in families , educational institutions and workplaces. When we spend 75% of our life time in our workplaces , should not that be a happy ,positive place? A leaf from my experiences – one day of the week is for me! It is my Savoring time. I have a day with moments that are exclusively mine -Coffee with a friend , playtime with my grandson, doing a painting , watch of a movie or curl up with a book, Ability to focus , think differently ,being calm , being positive have been some of the benefits. Only you have the power to carve your path to find peace within yourself , no matter the chaos in the outer world.

Just One thing – Be Yourself. Be happy .

All children are born intelligent . It is the nurturing  environment and the innate abilities that helps every child realise his/her potential. Belonging to that school of thought,  I   always wonder -Why are children with different abilities called Special ? To me, they are all children and so they are all special.. No  two members of the same family are similar or have the same views. We accept those differences gracefully . But , when we identify differences in abilities, intellect , behavior , performances , we begin to see it as “special”.As a society , do we expect all children to have similar abilities? And if they do  have different abilities , can we recognize them and provide remediation and support  ? That will help  children  realize their own potential and become confident adults capable of facing challenges in life .For this , we not just need sensitive people but also specialists and trained professionals . Most importantly , is the need for a change of mind-sets .

It has been a long time dream  for me to have a state of art therapy Centre within my school and ensure inclusiveness .While they would attend regular school ,they could also walk in for a therapy session when they feel disinclined to an academic session. That would give the time and space to be able to assimilate the best . With over 30 years in school education , I have seen children with different abilities do well in life . The support at  school helps kids to perform well academically too. We started the Singhania Shaping Therapies Centre in Singhania School, Thane on the 8th of June2021. Singhania Shaping Therapies is a Centre that caters to the needs of children with different abilities. This  spacious center has  Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychological Counselling, Psychological Assessments, Remedial Education, ABA Therapy and Language Development Therapy all under one roof ably supported  by  specialists who are  on board.. Singhania Shaping Therapies Centre is open to children from all schools With the NEP in place , we will have more inclusive schools in the years to come,helping children integrate socially comfortably . The Singhania School’s Therapy Centre wishes to revisit and redefine Uniqueness.

It is not always that you have people who are cheerful , peppy and full of fun as our dear Firozi .Firozi was a librarian in our school for over two decades. She assisted the main librarian in the Elementary School library .That was almost the place she had to be in. She could animate , sing ,laugh ,joke and dance with the young kids with as much ease as she handled the older students with her funny one liners. She always brought a different flavor to our  staff get-togethers  Many a time ,when she shared some anecdotes from her life with me ,I saw a different person. She was soft and sensitive , caring and concerned about all. When she retired in 2016 , I asked her if she needed an extension and she said ,” I want to explore the world . I want to do what I love doing- baking and have a relaxed time. She was always worried about her sons’ future. Yesterday , when I got the news of her demise ,I was devastated .I could not believe it. It must have not been easy for her when all the four members of the family were hospitalized for Covid . We all reach out to Bejan her son . May God bless him to recover fast. You have the Sulonian family whenever you need us.  Firozi ,  You will always be with us. 

The pandemic has shaken us all . We have lost family members , friends and colleagues to Covid . It’s a loss we can’t bear .Yet, life moves and we live with memories of beautiful moments spent with them . Cherish every moment of life cheerfully and enjoy them .Firozi will always be with all those who have spent time with her .

May Her soul rest in peace

Dear students,

The wait is finally almost over. I am sure that you are looking forward to the results at 3 p.m. This year has taken us all by surprise-something that we did not expect. The first couple of months were spent in anticipation about the likely dates for the exams. We advised you to do an hour of study everyday so that you are through whenever the dates are announced. Then, the dates were announced, which were called off later and a ” formula “was arrived at. You courageously fought feelings of isolation, frustration, disbelief, boredom and uncertainty. Though much water has flown under the bridge, I hope we will limp back to normalcy soon..I hope you begin to relax after this.

The rewinding may not be so simple. The results will bring in mixed reactions. Some of you will be ecstatical, since you may get more than expected. Some you will wonder if you would have done better had the examinations. All the same, you have to make the best of the present times and be happy. You are toppers and winners, that’s for sure. You stood strong and rooted during the first ever serious disruption in your 15-17 years. Many of you added skills-sets, some specialised in some field, adding certificates and knowledge. Many of you learnt simple skills at home. You connected with your grand-parents, parents, wider family members, friends, brightening up their days many times . You also cooked a meal, baked a cake and laid the table. And yes! You cleaned too – the house, the utensils. You taught your little brother or sister and if not that , you kept away from sibling tiffs , which would have relieved your parents of so much added stress. A little gardening, some time with the pet dog , patiently listening to grand-parents, a little reading or writing, you did it all-cheerfully. And so you have contributed positively to the family, more importantly , you discovered in you a few traits you don’t even know you had. You have started to define your personality.

Today, when you get the results, remember that there is so much of you, beyond the marks you have scored. There is a kinder, more humble, a caring, a skilled, a joyful person in you . Even if no one else noticed , your immediate family would have. And if you share what you did during these 100 days that have gone by with your teachers and me , we will believe you because we know and understand you well. But, this is the time, I want you to self-reflect -look within Ask yourself what did you learn? How did you enrich yourself? How can you work better in the future? Is the hierarchical order of needs now changed? How would you prioritize your needs? You are on the threshold of young adulthood. How would you want the world to see the ‘real’ you?

You make the school special in your own special ways. Your strengths and talents will take you places. At school, you had an environment, where you learnt so many life skills, you put them into action. Be open to feedback, criticism and corrections .That is the way to be the best and you Sulonians have to be the very best .Good luck to all my students of Grades XII and X Think and act positive. You are what you make of yourselves .

Remind yourself always that -“Padh Likh Kar Gyani Banane Se Pahele Hum Insaan Bannege “

Warm Regards,

Revathi Srinivasan

We were hardly prepared for this- “Corovacation”. The family has been together for over a fortnight. Our kids have been home for a month. What seemed tough and unimaginable earlier – a house without maid/s, working from home ( remember there are no week-ends anymore), stay at home evenings are appearing to be a passe. What looms large now, what next? How do we make this stay at home period meaningful.

When the schools closed mid-March kids,the schools pitched in . Zoom classes ,Zoom hobby and fitness classes , worksheets , assignments , Game , Quizzes .very soon webinars , career counselling , online coaching for professional courses started .All for free! Parents feel that this would keep their children occupied.But…!

Is this what your children want? Is this what you want ? Not having extended families ,an isolation can lead to loneliness. As parents ,you would have observed that your child is very different at home.Programs that work in school will not work at home.You are seeing them wake up late. When it’s time to begin preparation for lunch , the youngsters are still with breakfast and tea. So, the lunch is delayed .The work is held up. It irks you and then begins the outbursts or the sermons. It takes a complete mind-shift to be able to handle your child/ teenager.

Having handled children ,I can just imagine how they feel now. Some may express it verbally ,while still others will be irritable, short-tempered , aggressive,tearful or even withdrawn . A few ideas that may work well to keep the good cheer ,enthusiasm and positive environment .All we need to to do is to make a mind shift.Start with what interests them. Talk about it .Show interest in exploring or knowing more about what you just discussed .

Do not give them a laundry list of what needs to be done each day. While you may want them done ,they too want to charter out their schedule independently. Children who are compliant in school , strictly following the teacher’s directions ,may not be the same at home.Too much of structure can cause more frustration and boredom.

If your child is small ,you can volunteer to be a part of their activities /game.Do not recommend games for them or dissuade them from playing a game calling”kiddish”.Any role play gives you a peep into their mind.Board games can become interesting for adults too. Playing memory board games protects us from cognitive decline.Play the game the way it should be. Do not allow your child to win just to keep them happy. They don’t learn nor enjoy .Do read out stories or sing along with them whenever you feel the mood in the house is down- swinging.

To keep teenagers engaged actively in something meaningful is not so easy.Being active is important .Do encourage them to be physically active.Yoga, dancing to music, Zomba, Aerobics may be done at least four times a day. Meditation does not always means shutting oneself out of the world’s happenings .Listening to good music,motivating talks , being immersed in positive thoughts are also a part of meditation.

This is not the time to talk to teenagers about wasting time, restricting screen time or narrating “when I was your age…” stories. No matter how you try to be”their friend” , you will fail.They just miss being with their friends, playing with them or working with them. They feel they are cut-off from them.School has always been an excuse to meet up with friends and have fun.Social distancing is a challenge for the teenagers.

Acknowledging one’s emotions and accepting the moods is the first step towards being positive.Give them space to be by themselves for a while .Step in only, if you must.Giving them a challenge which involves strategies , creativity and problem solving is something they love. Parents can discuss about expansion and diversification of their own business and preparation of business proposals. Designing the new office or flat or a new tech tool could be interesting . Cleaning up of apps , technology or electronic gadget is something they like. Learning editing , mixing , film making , sound recording are enjoyable too.Coding , gamification, instructional designing, Artificial Intelligence ,new programming for the tech-savvy ones will help them design something new. They are wired to be experimental ,so allow them to pursue their interests. They will even collaborate with their friends.

Evenings should be family time , where all members discuss their day.Children then, learn to respect parents for their efforts.Children should be encouraged to cook a meal , help in cleaning, chat up with grand-parents and older relatives . This will knit the family together.

As parents , we are the people whom our children will look up to. We cannot afford to have words like boredom , sulking , frustrating, frightening, disgusting. Accept this break from the routines ,cheerfully. And make our personal routines as important as our work schedules. Wake up and bed time is non -negotiable for every member of the family. Soon , the waking hours are enjoyable.And sometime when you write your own story ,where the Corona would definitely be mentioned, I am sure it would read – -And the Corovacation helped me to discover myself.

I have a lot of friends who are are in the Corporate world ,who experience WFH stations. I was never inquisitive enough to ask for , what it really meant. For a educationist like me , I never had the opportunity to experience it. I spend almost all my vacation too at workplaces The Corona virus ,forced isolation and we closed the school for 2 weeks .The health scare was no longer as an individual problem now, it had become a community one that needed collective action.

The school had just shut ,the kids got back home . Our new session had just begun . The new timetable had not yet been set into action .The elementary school kids were in their final phase of the year re-visiting old lessons. I was happy that kids would be home .The summer has just set in and it is warm and humid. Then , everyone got the WFH directive. The adults were at home too.I was happy that the family will be together and will get more time to spend with each other.We have got so used to not being with each other ,that it’s turning difficult, not knowing what to talk and how to talk.

A typical day for a typical household has been -waking the kids up , calling out to get ready , rushing to make a simple breakfast , while the maid rolls out the rotis, the dad getting the kids ready , while the Mom is getting herself to rush to work .Bottles filled , the snack-box readied , the bag packed correctly , uniforms ironed , a few phones and text messages answered , parents run to the bus-stop and run back to get ready to go to work . Everything has to work with a precision that may put the clock to shame. everything seems so automated.

Let’s just flip this.to look at the adults. Our careers ,our grooming ,our appointments , our deadlines , our networking , our targets , our socialising , our strategies , our upgradation of skills .The day seems to be a few 100 pieces of jigsaw puzzle.If they placed perfectly , you have a “vision” or else ,you are termed as a “Bad Manager” The week seems ever so packed with us trying to put the piece of the jigsaw puzzle correctly. One can only sigh and say -No time to stare ……

So,I thought this WFH is a boon for working parents -getting the best of both the worlds. Until , we as a school ,took off to work from home.Everyone would think there are no hard-hitting deadlines, sales targets , networking calls or videos, no grooming , no mandatory socials for teachers. But , we have it different. We create a new job profile for ourselves that has a very wide expanse .As soon as we closed school , we met to discuss how we could make use of this leave productively. How to make this isolation period a little meaningful for our children at home.

Our “work day from home ” begins now at 6 am ,preparing our presentations , quizzes, audios ,worksheets while the members of our family are still asleep.This gives us 2 hours of prep time . Then, rushing with breakfast ,we close our doors to the family ,so that we get to taking our live lessons with our students . A few online meetings , planning sessions with faculty and sections , preparation of worksheets, question papers , helping colleagues with their presentations, a few official mails fills the mornings . Before we realise ,theres a knock at the door ,they are the hungry family members . Rushing in to the kitchen to make a one pot meal , the very basic meal to feed the hungry tummy before she rushes to her computer to take a video call from a student who comes online for a doubt clearing session.And then begins her work .And the reading,/corrections /new learning follows … Till the knock on the door reminds her that it is dinner time.

Who said,”WFH is a privilege ” ? One tends to work more, with no boundaries.Look at teachers- It is believed that teach , prepare question papers and correct. It’s much beyond that people don’t realise. The school is closed .There are no assignments or examinations in hand.Yet , teachers rose to the occasion of staying ahead of time and needs of the students. We have used every platform from Zoom , Hangouts, Skype, Google classrooms , online quizzes , online games , story telling ,reading aloud, puppet show , to our own App_the Sulonian Quest . Hats off to the teachers who are constantly rethinking and redesigning their scope of work beyond themselves and their confines. So many of us learnt it , mastered it and then came on . Watch our WhatsApp messages – no forwards on Corona, no good morning messages or jokes ,its all about how can we making learning more fun and lively for our kids.

My pranams to all the teachers.

My grandmother knew nothing of Woman’s Day , nor did my mother ,I am aware and conscious of it but my daughter plans for the day well in advance and looks forward to it weeks ahead .Look at the four generations of women ! Each of them strong ,proud women. Yet, so different. It’s that diversity that we must celebrate. I salute all our grandmas and mothers who brought up their children to be independent thinkers , problem solvers and decision makers . And so , they are strong and proud .

In earlier times , the men took over the kitchen , they gave the women ‘Big gifts‘ ( like the refrigerator or the automatic washing machine , a Television ) . It was all that the family needed . The woman was happy and the men were content about their ‘gift’. The daughter / daughter-in-law then stepped in and the personalised gifting began . From trinkets to pieces of jewellery to clothes and handbags on perfumes ,they all came in and the woman is happier . And the icing being a day out to watch a movie at the theatre.Then , we wanted our time , our space , our friends and our way of celebration.

Why did women move from family to social celebrations? Being a woman with multiple responsibilities , the woman lost touch with her close friends.Every gathering was about talking shop. So, one had no time recall happenings that made her laugh or even brought a tear.So , the girlie crowd lunches were meant to unwind with close friends over a little gup-shup of the college and school days . It was a day of remembering and rejoicing each of those incidents that remind us of the person we were . That includes acknowledging all the lovely men in our families who support and encourage and push us to realise our potential. Let’s park our celebrations here and move on to something more meaningful.

Women have the power and drive to make it , to have an impact. We have to use the power to self – reflect and think . Collectively, we have to educate people with progressive thoughts and ethical actions. After the 8 th of March , celebrations will be forgotten and it would just have been another day that we enjoyed. I am more empowered than my grandmother was – with more knowledge and better skills( theoretically) But ,am I as strong and focussed as my grand mother was.? Yes and No ! Yes – education has empowered me immensely. Financial independence has made me self – reliant .But , No – because we are selective about exercising our power of independence. We have to process our thinking to beyond – “What’s in store for me?”
God has made every human being beautiful and gifted. We grow up feeling , some are more privileged than some others.We pick up these complexes on the way. What if we all turn to our grandmas for some gyaan ? She will tell you this-

Be assertive but not aggressive , be independent , not egoistic , be quick in action but not brash , be beautiful , not just pretty , be popular but do not seek popularity , be kind but not be carried away , seek support but not sympathy, be a leader not a boss .

Just be yourself . You are as beautiful as you think you are . And the world will look up to you . Enjoy the day and celebrate each day of your life with the same cheer and joy as you do today . That’s grandma’s recipe for being beautiful .